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Repeater: MIDI (was record CFC)

Yeah, I had an X-15, and if you can get over the pink and gray silk
screen, it's not a bad beast, especially for $60.  However, it comes
back to the question of midi bank change.  I know my sequencer (Metro
5.0 for the Macintosh) spits this out to gear, but after reading my
Rolls MIDI Wizard manual, it does not seem like it speaks this type of
MIDI word.  It was years ago, but I don't think the X-15 does either.
Only program number and CC.  I understand why Electrix would use this to
get more functionality out of MIDI, but it does make me a bit angry that
I bought a recommended MIDI controller, only to find I can't control one
of what I concider to be the most important functions.

Other than that, this beast is sure sweet.  It does almost everything
the Againinator does, with out the frequent litterbox changes and
violent outbursts.

Mark Sottilaro

Jason Fink wrote:

> John Tidwell wrote:
> > I think Electrix may come to regret listing some of
> > those midi controllers on their web-site. I already
> > own an ART X-15 & it provides limited control at best.
> > I have a Peavey PC-1600x on order. I'm hoping it will
> > solve a lot of my midi control problems.
> >
> Akkk!   I just bought an X-15 on ebay  ($60) hoping it will
> really open things up!  Have not even received it yet.
> Can you be a little more specific on what it does and
> doesn't do?  I am sure this kind of knowledge
> will be helpful to many in the group.
> Thanks,
> -jas