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Re: Repeater: Track Bleed Through

   I got a chance to de-bug my rig, and it seems the the Repeater
   was NOT causing the problems after all...

   the culprit seems to be... the Digitech 33B.  I dont really understand
   how it could be acting like this, but after unplugging everything
   and slowly adding things back to the chain everything is clean until
   the digitech is in place.   The  lexicon gear ahead of Repeater is fine,
   until  the digitech is added to the first spot in the chain  (it's mono
   input requires it to be number 1).

    If anyone have any ideas on how this can be happening, I would love
    to hear them.

   Anyway, I am really glad the Repeater has a clean bill of health.
   I am not to troubled by pulling the digitech from the rack, as its a
   kinda noisey beast.

   Repeater is great, i am getting the hang of queing and recording
   loops with the front panal... hoping to be able to pull it off
   smoothly with a midi foot controller.