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Re: Repeater: MIDI (was record CFC)

Dr. Zvonar wrote:
>At 2:54 PM -0400 9/3/01, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>>Some synths like Continuous Controller 32 for MIDI Bank Select.
>>I should know because I spent a reasonable amount of time this weekend
>>entering program changes for a Yamaha VL-70, which has multiple banks,
>>into my Midi Mitigator, and had to enter "controller 32, value 0" (or 1)
>>about a zillion times.
>Controller 32 is the Least Significant Byte (LSB) associated with 
>Controller 0. As far as I know, most devices don't use the LSB 
>because the MSB allows selection of up to 128 banks.

and my face is red
because I knew about "smooth" controls
that let you send 14-bit values
by sending to two 7-bit controllers
that are 32 positions apart.

and of course 32-0 = 32...

so controller 32 must be the least significant bytes of controller 0!


has all the MIDI specs in just text format -- the best way.
very handy.

>The VL70 has an unusual implementation of bank select, since it has 
>only twelve banks.

Twelve?  Surely, uh, eight?  Four banks (2 programmed, 1 custom, 1 
times two modes (Wind/XG -- the XG is interesting but not for a wind 

>It appears that Yamaha is allowing for multiple categories of banks, 
>in order to accommodate various General MIDI formats such as XG. In 
>order to select among the VL70's four main banks, the MSB 
>(Controller 0) is set to 33 and the LSB (Controller 32) is set to 0, 
>1, 2, or 3. In order to select among the VL-XG banks (banks 112-119) 
>the MSB is set to either 97 or 81
>and the LSB is set to the corresponding bank number 112-119.

Wow, that's so arcane!

>Has anyone encountered similar implementations?

No -- but the Peavey PC1600 series has provisions for all sorts of
wacky ways to split up parameters so they must have encountered
a lot of special cases.


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