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my 2 cents: digi-delay

well, my digi-delay arrived today.
played around w/ it briefly, thoughts:
if you are looking for a 1st/intro looper/delay
device (or 2nd option which i was), this is a good
one. has delays, and a 4 sec. sample/loop function
that works nicely.
i really love messing w/ the tape delay mode,
and getting the wacky sounds w/ modulating the time
by hand (long to short, short to long, and in tape
delay it's only a second, but still fun). the
backwards thing worked ok also, not "wow", but ok.
i'll be (hopefully) hooking it up to my rack system,
in my studio reorganization, and see how it works. the
bummer thing for me is i'm a "tweeker" and like things
to be "at hand" and the sample/play is foot controled
(which is nice on one hand, for me....oh well). it's
not the "uber -looper", but a good inexpensive
alternative or intro for newbie.. the short delays
don't wow me all that much since i rely on rack stuff
to get those, but they are ok. my only wish is that
the time was a bit longer (4 sec max, the reverse
supposedly has 8 sec), to maybe compete w/ digitech's
old 8 second delay device that was the "poor man's"
E-H 16 sec device, but i suspect that most who buy it,
4 sec. is plenty for them, and they probably use it
only as a "echo" option. my 2 cents for the day....

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