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Re: Any experienced Ableton users able to give me a hand?

man, what a great thread, this is giving me so many ideas...  thanks 

On 6/5/09, Mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> At 9:57 AM +0100 6/5/09, Simeon Harris wrote:
> >
> > so is it possible to play a midi clip by sending it a pc message?
> >
> Eyup!  :)
> > i see you can either loop the clip or have a one shot....one step at a
> time, i guess!
> >
> Yeah, I was saving all that for the last part of the configuration.
> First, get the MIDI clip working the way you want it to work.
> Next step is easy.  Just assign a MIDI message (e.g. program change
> perhaps?) to fire the clip, the same way as you'd fire an Audio clip from
> such a message.
> Select the MIDI Bindings button again.  This time, click on the MIDI clip
> you wish to fire.  Now send the program change you want to use to trigger
> that clip.  A new binding should now appear on the left side screen,
> reflecting the connection between your PC and firing the MIDI clip.
> So when you now exit the MIDI Bindings mode, you should be able to fire 
> clip merely by sending that specific PC message on its specific MIDI
> channel.
> Some other thoughts, caveats:
> Don't forget that the clips (usually) fire according to the quantize 
> That means that if the quantize is set for one bar, the clip will wait 
> the bar boundary to fire.  This may be useful (stack up a bunch of
> individual clips that wait and then all fire off at the start of a bar, 
> instance) or not ("why doesn't this @#$! button work right when I press
> it").  If you want to turn this behavior off, you could set the quantize
> value to "None".  This might cause problems with other clips, since that
> value is global, but you should be able to change the quantize value of 
> individual clip within its edit pane.
> If you're working in Session view, you can only have one clip playing in
> each vertical column at a time.  However, you can have multiple clips
> playing in a left-right row.  As a matter of fact, if you click one of 
> clip slots under the Master track, it will fire every clip in that row at
> the next quantize boundary.  You should also be able to bind those Master
> slots to a MIDI command, so you could conceivably use a single PC 
>command to
> initiate a half-dozen MIDI clips simultaneously.
> If you wished, you could change the clips you're using on the fly by 
> moving them in and out of different rows (while binding your Program 
> to the row clip, rather than individual MIDI clips). This is especially 
> while composing, since you can try different combinations of MIDI clips
> without having to redo their MIDI bindings, or mess around with
> reconfiguring your foot controller. Just swap different clips in or out 
>of a
> row and fire it.
> Okay, there's a little more food for thought.  Hope that helps a bit!
>        --m.
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> "take one step outside yourself. the whole path lasts no longer than one
> step..."