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Re: Rackless (and not going the computer route)

George Matthews wrote:
> I'm interested in the soldering iron solution. I'm was also looking at 
>small mixers because I wanted someway to monitor the output of my 
>Boomerang with headphones and send another stereo out to the house system.

To split one output( aka o/p) to 2 or more inputs just use a Y-cable.
(seems to be what you need)
You may need to run through some kind of a DI box to go
to the house system, i.e. splitter cables go to both headphone amp
and DI box (from rang)

To take more than one output to a single input you can also
use a y cable, but each connection needs to be made 
through a Resistor.
(this assumes that the things you are mixing have their own output
volume controls).
A good resistance value to use is 33k Ohm.
1/8 Watt will be fine, but no problem with 
larger wattage except that the size will be bigger.

It's also possible to make small passive mixers 
with volume controls, and/or pan pots but
the more features you add, the more signal level you
need to make up in the next stage.

andy butler