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Re: Do We Perceive Beauty in an Unexpected Context

Yes, but I hope that everyone makes the effort to understand what 
listening or looking. (if we have time to do it...)
In others words: the context can encourages or hinders an opinion, but we 
aren't puppets so we can (and we should) try to develop a personal opinion.

Il giorno 21/feb/2012, alle ore 01.53, Jeff Shirkey ha scritto:

> p.s. My point was that the context(s) in which we find ourselves lead us 
> to have certain expectations about what we may encounter.  If you go to 
> Carnegie Hall, you're fairly certain you're getting ready to see "art" 
> (whether it's good or bad is another question...."Art is served here".) 
> When you go into the metro station, you're probably not expecting any 
> such thing.
> Jeff