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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller

On Mar 4, 2012, at 10:03 AM, andy butler wrote:

As yet, I don't think they actually do anything, but

Yes that is a bank of presets in the VST, certainly visible in Ableton. And they are in fact empty, all equally so :)

Some observations to share:

You can rename any preset in that bank by clicking the name and pressing Cmd-R.

Once presets have actual content and new names etc that one wants to save, I found only two ways to do that: 1) clicking the floppy disc icon (do all those Ableton kids even know what that is?) to save the entire bank of presets out as a reloadable data file; and 2) to save the Live Set file with an instance of the plugin that has your personalized banks, in a track. Thereafter, when you open that set, the plugin instance in that track will have your personalized settings. BUT, if you drag the plugin from the panel it will again revert to the empty LaFosse etc bank.

I know some plugins (Beat Repeat, AutoFilter etc) allow saving a fresh instance of the plugin into the panel, with all settings and a fresh name, for later recall, but Echoloop does not appear to.

Finally, I have found no way to access those presets via MIDI to change them on the fly. I do this easily with the EDP, for instance, to change quantize settings (saved presets with different Quant settings), but does not seem available in the VST plugin.

Phil :)