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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller

Well I managed to get 2 Echoloop instances to work in Mulch and I THINK its synching to the host. I cant quite tell, because the least amount of latency I can get it down to is 256 samples, it says thats 5.4ms, but feels more like 50. So now I remember the other reason I dont loop on a lappy.. crap soundcard.. no money to buy new one...
Abelton Live: thx for the template Ricky: It worked out of the box, and is why I would prefer THAT host, so I can "program" EDP messages on the sequencer, like I do in hardware.  AND the latency could be brought down to 14 samples, which weirdly also said 5.4 ms, but this time didnt feel too bad...
However, just one tweak... this was assuming a midi channel of 1, I use 16 for my EDPs .. and I cant see where you change that... if I change the midi ch on the plugin, it doesnt work from the midi clip anymore.

And this is because I hope to get midi in from my pedal to affect the plugin too. It works in Mulch If I set the MidiCh and BtnNo correctly... but even if I do it in Abelton too (and lose the clip function due to previous issue, I get no midi from my pedal..)


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe