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Re: What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

these are all great suggestions and it's an interesting thread.

aside from everything that's been said:

a basic click track sound coming out of it's own dedicated output so you 
can use it in time in a band context is of utmost importance to me because 
I don't do solo looping. OR a midi clock output that will drive a simple 
midi metronome.

I use an Boss RC-50 and it's midi clock output is not even stable enough 
to drive a Boss DB-90 metronome. After 2 bars the metronome just stops. 
The RC-50 does have a built in rhythm guide so the whole band can groove 
together, but it is a stupid drum beat. They didn't fix that in the RC-300 
either... boring Boss... they must think all loopers are solo artists. Or 
they imagine that people will actually use those rhythm guides in a  
performance... idiots!!!!


On Mar 25, 2012, at 1:50 PM, andy butler wrote:

> following the conversation that developed on the Boomerang thread.
> ...just a rough sketch for comment, and keeping in mind that no one 
> feature set is right for everybody.
> (and forgetting for the moment that almost any delay unit
> can be pressed into looping usage)
> The features that every looper has
> 1) Record
> 2) Overdub
> 3) Erase
> The features that are very commonly desirable, but could be left out and 
> still
> leave a satisfying piece of kit. Depends a lot on the amount of floor 
> space
> unit will take up.
> 1) Reverse
> 2) Speed change
> 3) Stereo
> 4) Midi sync
> 5) Volume on loop(s)
> 6) Undo/Redo
> The features that get left out, but really shouldn't
> 1) Option of going straight into Overdub
> 2) Feedback control (at least during Overdub)
> 3) Seamlessly re-record a loop ...(so unsupported that it's importance 
> is underestimated)
> 4) Multiply ( or 2 or more loops to allow you to achieve it)
> 5) Stop/Start 
> The features that add usefulness, but not at the expense of essentials.
> 1) Substitute/Replace 2) Insert
> 3) Configurable Quantise
> 4) Alternate Outputs