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RE: "Mainly Vocal" looping performances: help in deciding which tools

I feel really supported and I already like this community :)

-ok, thanks for the info about RC-300 (I suppose that it can be solved via firmware but it would be embarrassing if it happens on stage, for much amateur I can be)
- I saw the Vox one, not tried anyway. I think I need more than 2 parallel loops anyway if possible and I am a bit scared about the 90 sec limitation. I will ask about it at the bottom of this email.

1. If the independent parallel loops mean that you can have more flexibility and, for example, be able to have loops of different lengths, yes, I am sure I need that. Can you confirm I understood correctly what parallel loops are? At the bottom of the email I'll write what I need. But, what is a variable feedback???
2. I agree with that line of not buying at any cost the top without being sure you really will use it. I did it in the past and was throwing money. But I am quite older now and I hope a bit wiser. I am sure of what I want to do and I am sure I want the tool which allow me to do that. I am just not sure which tool is that :)
-(nice performance. Still not what I want to do but added to the examples I gave in my first email, it is also part of what I want to do. Schön! You use some kind of sequencer/drum Machine in this video?)

Can the Boomerang do unlimited overdubbing on each loop? I do not find any reference to that, just Stacking which I cannot understand if it is adding something over the loop (overdubbing) or at the end of it :). Also I am not sure to understand if it can quantize. Anyway I have very good sense of the rhythm. And can it modify the time without the pitch or it is always octave down and up?
Could you say what the Rang II can do which a RC-300 or other similar loopers cannot, and viceversa? And how easy to use is? The RC-300 seems very immediate.

Per Boysen:
Thanks, it was useful. Ah, yes, it was a mistake, I wanted to write III :)

30 sec of loops available is absolutely not enough for me... :( But I like the VoiceLive Touch, I was about to buy it used as harmonizer (finally I bought a Roland VP-7, a bit more expensive, I hope I did well).

I am very seriously interested, it is 10 years or more that I am! I bought a RC-2 at that time, horrible, I was not able to do anything of what I wanted (I had in my mind already all what the modern looper can do, and even more. Actually, the things which I want to do, only a real-time on the fly sampler/sequencer/looper/effect-processor could do that. Probably I need many different tools).
But I would not imagine a computer based looping (especially with my basic Dell inspiron notebook) as a real time for the king of things Ricoloop, Beardyman, and Dub FX do... ANd the ones I want to do.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ok, what I want from the looper....
I want to be able to record live real-time, mostly my voice but also some other instruments, and sample/loop them immediately, no dead times.
I need to be able to have different loops going on at same times and be able to pause all, start all, pause all, start one, start all the others, slow or increase the tempo and/or pitch of the main output and/or of each single loop, a bit like a dj, but a sort of real time auto dj which makes all by himself.
Actually, the best for me would be a sampler/sequencer with absolute real time capabilities, and advanced looping functions (all what the Looperlative, Bumerang, RC-300 can do, more a sequencing function which actually the looperlative has a bit, if I am not wrong).
Then, but this is another theme, I want to be able to apply effects to the sounds on the fly (Kaoss Pad 3? Digitech Vocal 300? Both? Other things?).

So... What can you suggest to me?
If I stick to the looper idea I am in this moment oriented to this lineup:
1) Bumerang III (but damn, no overdubbing????????? If so, I have to decide if buying also a Vox looper, or don't know what...)
2) Roland VP-7 (already bought, no going back)
3) kaoss pad 3 and Vocal 300 for more strange effects
4) one or two synths (I need a general purpose synth with many sounds, and I think I like the blofeld desktop. And then something more for fat basses and nice rhytms and strange sounds on the style of the analog synths. And for this I was thinking about Shruthi-1, and/or Arturia Minibrute)
5) a theremin
6) other instruments, like harmonica, kazoo, percussions, and whatever can be interesting. Of course a mic for beatboxing.

The only thing I have right now are point 2 and 6.
All the rest, I am open to suggestions, but of course especially about point 1 which is still very open for me.