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Re: "Mainly Vocal" looping performances: help in deciding which tools

Sergio G schrieb:
1. If the independent parallel loops mean that you can have more flexibility and, for example, be able to have loops of different lengths, yes, I am sure I need that. Can you confirm I understood correctly what parallel loops are? At the bottom of the email I'll write what I need. But, what is a variable feedback??? 2. I agree with that line of not buying at any cost the top without being sure you really will use it. I did it in the past and was throwing money. But I am quite older now and I hope a bit wiser. I am sure of what I want to do and I am sure I want the tool which allow me to do that. I am just not sure which tool is that :) -(nice performance. Still not what I want to do but added to the examples I gave in my first email, it is also part of what I want to do. Schön! You use some kind of sequencer/drum Machine in this video?)
ad 1: yes, it's about them being independent in length and transport control. I'm not sure if you need that ;). Variable feedback: "feedback" is how the loop fades out on each pass (like the feedback or regeneration parameter on delay effects). The majority of loopers only apply that during overdubbing-related operations (the EDP being an exception here, as is any delay). However, the majority have a fixed feedback setting which is very high, only to make sure you don't run into clipping with multiple overdubs. From how you describe what you want to do, I assume you won't need that - it's for those ambient/sound sculpture people.

ad 2: thanks for your "Schön" ;). The gearporn goes like this: synths - Quasimidi Sirius (which is the sequencer/drum machine), Korg Prophecy. Effects (looping and not) - Korg KP3, Line6 M9, Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazari, Boss DD20, Boss OD2, Jomox T-Resonator (the T-Resonator is setup with both filters in series, with the OD2 in between).

As for your requirements:
"Actually, the best for me would be a sampler/sequencer with absolute real time capabilities, and advanced looping functions (all what the Looperlative, Bumerang, RC-300 can do, more a sequencing function which actually the looperlative has a bit, if I am not wrong)."

I don't know if you really need what people here (based on the LD website definition) consider a "looper": you might not need the possibility to overdub. An artist I like to give as an example in this context is Kid Beyond:
He uses Ableton Live (without the Looper plugin), i.e. he uses its clips for the loops. As you can see, that works well in an approach without overdub (which Live can't do w/o the looper plugin), rather with a realtime pattern-based multitracking approach.


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