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Re: Looper for minimal music

Andreas Berg schrieb:
It's about recording a loop, copy it to another track and change it's tempo or do timestretching on it to bring it out of sync to the original loop. The whole thing would be mainly about copying one original loop and modify it a bit several times and let all the variations play simultaniously and free (unsynced and as independent tracks).

I'm thankful for any advice... (maybe there is even a solution i never thought of like using ... instead of loopers. But it has to be a hardware solution - i don't want to use software)
If you are willing to accept a software solution, Möbius does what you want. Timestretching, however, is done by combining varispeed and pitchshifting, and this only works in semitones (at least last time I checked), so you're limited to that granularity.

The Repeater, which Simeon mentioned, can't do this as far as I know, as the individual tracks can't be stretched/varispeeded invididually. Of course, using multiple repeaters...;)


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