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Re: Looper for minimal music

The Repeater, which Simeon mentioned, can't do this as far as I know, as the individual tracks can't be stretched/varispeeded invididually. Of course, using multiple repeaters...;)


Yeah Rainer I was wondering what Simeon meant actually, because I read a kind of Steve Reich effect was what Andreas had in mind. for such an effect one would have to lengthen ONE track so that it went out of synch, with the others, and then on further repetions went further out.
The Repeater wont do that. However, he said phase shifting. and then Per goes, Yeah Repeater.. so I thought, maybe he means, just moving one track slightly out of synch with another. this it does VERY WELL, using track slip. this can on track can be moved out of synch by samples (or cents probably, some tiny value) and beats, so you can immedaitly bout a track out of synch by a beat, 2 beats, 2 bars.. what ever. (and when I say immediatly I mean that lovelly lolloping wobble that Repeater lovers love, and that Repeater haters have forgotten because they sold it a long time ago...)

So I nice phasing is when you record a stereo track, come out of record, pres hold on of the tracks and top the other, so that you break the stereo, go into one track and ever so slightly changed the track slip (right encoder)... on headphones this can make you fall off your bike, because remember the tracks are still panned, so subtly you get a left right phasing, and then a left right slap and finally a fjord style echo (one that come back half a minute later!)


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe