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Re: Insecurities of Looping

Good advice Rick...perhaps some day I will be able to take it.

It is certain that I have, problem with this (anyone who knows me well 
might concur).

> On May 16, 2012, at 1:37 PM, Rick Walker wrote:
>> We must be as open to praise as we are to criticism.  When you recieve 
>> applause and compliments, allow it sink in. 
>> I'd also like to add that people with 'less than' behavior frequently 
>> fear that they will be perceived as being
>> 'grandiose' if they allow themselves to soak in applause and 
>> compliments.    I fall into this category a lot myself.
>> If someone gushes about me in public, it makes me feel so weird and 
>> uncomfortable.  If people persist, I even
>> feel angry about it because I"m so uncomfortable.
>> But I've seen many a performer hurt the obvious affectionate response 
>> of an audience because they are uncomfortable
>> and deflect the praise the crowd gives them.
>> But I heard once that low self esteem manifests in two types of 
>> behavior:
>> 'grandiosity' and 'less than' behavior.
>> The older I get, the more I see the wisdom in this.
>> Because of this,  I completely concur with Kevin's advice,  even if 
>> applause or compliments make you nervous.
>> And, if you think of it,  low self esteem was created when we were 
>> children over a long period of time
>> and through a lot of, usually small, unhealthy interactions with people 
>> who were important to you.   Self esteem actually
>> can be built over a long period of time,  but we have to work hard to 
>> let the good in and we have
>> to work at it over time because it never feels comfortable.
>> rick walker