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Re: Interface recommendations

Title: Re: Interface recommendations
Latency is a function of the software driver, and the size of the buffer selected.  Most of the available converters use a similar, if not identical chipset.  Because of this, features are more important than anything in any current device, since the audio quality is typically a non issue.

At 1:29 AM +0200 10/11/12, Torben Scharling wrote:
My two cents/long dribble is, that the one I've been looking at getting, as an upgrade to my M-audio FW1814 (mostly because I need better latency) is the RME Fireface UFX. However, I've read much good about the MOTU Ultralite-mk3 Hybrid. Particularly related to this topic, I've read that the RME's work well especially on PC's, where MOTU should worl especially well on mac's - so I'm leaning towards getting the MOTU ultralite mk3 instead of the RME UFX, because it's more than half the price and should have as low latency or even lower, and have super stable mac drivers, whereas RME should be more of a PC thing. Again, please correct me if I'm wrong, I think it's down to small geeky things, as I'm sure RME should work really well on MAC's also, I just don't wanna take any chances with my next soundcard purchase, so I wanna get what's most suited and tailormade for mac's as possible :)