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I really should master cutting and pasting before I write to a list...

I now noticed also missed these from B and C, sorry.  And even more excruciatingly embarrassingly I left out E altogether! (ways in which you can copy)

I suspect something when wrong when I pasted from the spreadsheet. Which I can make available complete with the Greek letters if anyone wants.

Really really sorry about that.

missing from A

A0-7 amphichrony (from amphi- around)
-   the context of a loop in a stream of loops or a performance (amphichrony,amphichronic,amphichronous,amphichronal,amphichronicity,amphichronically,amphichronouslyamphichronally)
A0-8 endochrony (from endo- within)
-   framed loop or loops in a stream of loops or a performance (endochrony,endochronic,endochronous,endochronal,endochronicity,endochronically,endochronouslyendochronally)

missing from B
B2-3 telechrony (from tele- distant, remote)
-   distributed performance, including live looping in a group but remote
missing from C

C3-7 maiachrony (from maia- mother)
-   referencing the loop from which a loop is derived (applicable to all types of daughter loops) (maiachrony,maiachronic,maiachronous,maiachronal,maiachronicity,maiachronically,maiachronouslymaiachronally)
C3-8 kourechrony (from koure- daughter)
-   a subsequent loop in time in a performance (kourechrony,kourechronic,kourechronous,kourechronal,kourechronicity,kourechronically,kourechronouslykourechronally)
C3-9 thygatridechrony (from thygatride- daughter's daughter)
-   a doubly- (or more) subsequent loop in a performance (thygatridechrony,thygatridechronic,thygatridechronous,thygatridechronal,thygatridechronicity,thygatridechronically,thygatridechronouslythygatridechronally)
C3-10 nyochrony (from nyo- daughter-in law)
-   a derived loop in a performance - including generated or repeated loops (nyochrony,nyochronic,nyochronous,nyochronal,nyochronicity,nyochronically,nyochronouslynyochronally)
C3-11 progonochrony (from progono- stepdaughter)
-   extra-temporally copied loop in a performance (progonochrony,progonochronic,progonochronous,progonochronal,progonochronicity,progonochronically,progonochronouslyprogonochronally)

[Note I use daughter for derived loops to avoid the Greek word for child, which is a prefix that has the wrong recognitors going for it. ]

Missing Altogether

E0 Alterations of a loop

E0-1 palinochrony (from palino- backwards)
-   reversing (palinochrony,palinochronic,palinochronous,palinochronal,palinochronicity,palinochronically,palinochronouslypalinochronally)
E0-2 diaphochrony (from diapho- division)
-   division of loop (diaphochrony,diaphochronic,diaphochronous,diaphochronal,diaphochronicity,diaphochronically,diaphochronouslydiaphochronally)
E0-3 dilogochrony (from dilogo- repetition)
-   multiplication of a loop (dilogochrony,dilogochronic,dilogochronous,dilogochronal,dilogochronicity,dilogochronically,dilogochronouslydilogochronally)

E1 Pitch alterations

E0-2 hyperchrony (from hyper- above)
-   pitch lifting (hyperchrony,hyperchronic,hyperchronous,hyperchronal,hyperchronicity,hyperchronically,hyperchronouslyhyperchronally)
E0-3 hypochrony (from hypo- below)
-   pitch lowering (hypochrony,hypochronic,hypochronous,hypochronal,hypochronicity,hypochronically,hypochronouslyhypochronally)

E2 Colour alterations

E2-1 chromochrony (from chromo- colour)
-   coloration of loop (chromochrony,chromochronic,chromochronous,chromochronal,chromochronicity,chromochronically,chromochronouslychromochronally)
E2-2 aeriochrony (from aerio- misty)
-   blurring or degrading a loop