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Re: echoloop installation help request. -- Echoloop Update?

On 14/12/2014 17:18, Steven Clements wrote:
Once you teach a device via Midi learn in an application like Live...


It would be great if it worked, but Ableton see no reason
to send the note-off to a switch in a plugin, so they don't.

Echoloop needs note-off to distinguish between long press and shortpress.

The neatest midi-learn system is that in a piece of hardware,
the Looperlative LP1.
You can stack as many as 8 commands onto a midi PG

*Any* comments about Echoloop/Evoloop functionality are
very much appreciated.
I dunnow though, it's just an alternative mode of setting up
a midi controller.
It's not like the existing, working, expandable system that Echoloop has
is actually going to cause significant hardship.
( 'cos you probably got to program note-Ons into the controller anyway)