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Re: Repeater: MIDI (was record CFC)

>Banks 112 through 119 become available when the VL70-m is set to the 
>VL-XG sound module mode. In the VL-XG sound module mode some voices 
>from the PRESET 1 and PRESET 2 banks are assigned MIDI bank and 
>program change numbers conforming to the Yamaha XG format. Since the 
>VL70-m does not have a full set of XG-compatible voices, however, 
>some voice numbers will be skipped (e.g. 23, 24, 27, etc.).

So these are the extra 8 banks!

This XG mode is quite clever -- a much better generalization of
General MIDI where your MIDI performance could well be taken from
system to system intactus.


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