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Re: OT: Earliest Music Gear I Went Ga-Ga Over

>On 12/21/06, improv@peak.org <improv@peak.org> wrote:
> For me, the first piece of gear I got truly obsessed with was the
> Minimoog. In 6th grade, our band director, who played keys in a local 
> band and was the coolest guy in eastern Oregon (yeah, I know, not much

I think the first gear I went ga-ga over was an ARP Avatar guitar
synth.  I've been accused of being a synth player in a guitarists
body, so....  I remember when the Avatar came out and I spent hours in
the music store playing with it.  The guys there were pretty cool
about letting a 15 year old play with equipment that I obviously
wasn't going to buy.  About 12 years later I bought a used one and
discovered why they didn't do so well in the guitar synth market.
They didn't track for crap.  But it did make fun noises.  I wound up
selling it to a friend who slaved it to his Axxe.