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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller


Yes, of course in the latest version of the plug-in both the Quant state 
and the Subcycles params are available to the host as plug-in params and 
accessible in the Ableton "MIDI learn" state.

And that's great if you want to access Quant state as a continuous control 
(attractive IMO, only 5 settings), and the Subcycles values as a 
continuous control (not so attractive, 127 possible settings, only a 
handful of which may be interesting at any given time).

I can set the CC range to a single value, say 16 for both min and max, and 
can thereby call ONE value with the push of a button. But to go from there 
to say 32 or 8 or 4 or 127 directly does not appear to be possible. Only a 
single instance of the Sybcycle param is available, so assigning different 
values to multiple instances is not possible. And as we've already 
mentioned, direct access to a preset (for this example, a preset bank 
containing various saved Subcycle settings) within a bank does not seem to 
be possible either, whether via the host or direct MIDI.

Am I missing something here?


Phil :)

On Mar 4, 2012, at 12:56 PM, andy butler wrote:

> Phil Clevenger wrote:
>> Finally, I have found no way to access those presets via MIDI to change 
>> them on the fly. 
> That's something the host would do.
> I don't know if Echoloop will respond directly if the midi commands are 
> sent straight to it. It might.
>> I do this easily with the EDP, for instance, to change quantize 
>> settings (saved presets with different Quant settings), but does not 
>> seem available in the VST plugin.
> Those settings are made available to the host as parameters.
> andy
>> Phil :)