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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller

Phil Clevenger wrote:

Yes, of course in the latest version of the plug-in both the Quant state and the 
Subcycles params are available to the host as plug-in params and accessible in the 
Ableton "MIDI learn" state.

well if we're talking Ableton and the dreaded "midi learn" I dunnow ;-)

Really, all a vst host has to do is pass midi directly to a plugin,
then the user can do anything they want by configuring their midi
There's a number of host developers out there who are set against this

If I get time I'll have a good look at Ableton and how to run
Echoloop it...but I'm sure it worked easily in an earlier
version of Ableton...without touching "midi learn" at all.

Only a single instance of the Sybcycle param is available,

strange indeed...Ableton weirdness ??

It's possible there's simply a bug in the Echoloop.
I don't have time to check, but it should be possible to use different 
midi Channels.
If it isn't, then Matt will sort it.

Would it all start working for you if this is the case?