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Re: Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version

Good news from Boomerang, seems like they're getting further a release
of some limited midi sync functionality. Please comment in this
thread, as I think they're checking it for feedback and interest:


Here's the quote:

"Hi folks,
It's Mike from Boomerang with a short update on MIDI development for
the III. The III can now sync to a playing drum machine, but we're not
finished with the software yet. Improved ease of syncing and response
to MIDI control commands (Start & Stop) are now being worked on, and
hopefully will be ready for testing in a week or two.
So the III will function as a slave, not a master. This also opens up
the possibility of syncing multiple IIIs. Of course the software will
be free to all."

Best Regards,

/Torben Scharling


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 8:45 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> I've been in lots of exchanges with Mike Nelson about how to implement 
>> Record into Stack. The problem on the Boomerang is that the function 
>> buttons distinguish between a tap and a hold
>> and hence one can't just talk about "hitting stack" if you want to do 
>> so with any degree of precision.
> Right, because the shortpress function isn't started till release of the 
> switch.
> Of course, it's trivial to solve that problem.
> Just make the stack switch behave differently during Record.
> andy

De Bedste Hilsner / Best Regards

Torben Scharling - Mobile: +45 61 66 60 09 - e-mail: ts@torbenscharling.com