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Ontology 1

OK, this is the ontology intro abbreviated.

I was asked to expand on some ideas I had on a formal approach to looping (in much the same way as people can have formal descriptions of jazz without ruining the fun of it)

I began with a set of technical terms to delineate concepts. I thought about what occurred in both planning and performance, and in terms of performance the musician, the space, the audience, and the event. It is based on a mixture of a priori and observational thinking.

I wanted to make it possible to use the same termset to describe the pre-technological performance practices such a gamelan, chant, raga as well as all the variant of tape, digital, analog etc. By making it a formal thesaurus it means that a description of performance or technique can refer to these points (eg B0-1) explicitly. (Yes, I have been a librarian and done library studies).

I have left out things like "folkloric" or "traditional" or "ethnographic" or "plainchant" as I was trying to limit the terms to loops and loop phenomenon. I may have left out things that matter to people or that are obvious to others and not me. Please feel free to add. If you wish to, please make a reference to where in the tree you think it should go.

I haven't presumed to go through conversations and descriptions of the concepts I have identified - the usage thing you get in every lexicography. I didn't want to put meanings of words into peoples mouths and folksonomies are not good. So anyone there who feels they can put their common usage in the context please feel free to reply to the list with the details. If there is a response I will tabulate etc. I was going to make a diagram or two but I didn't know if the list-serve will permit it. [I now know it won't - ASCII art perhaps?]

more in another message