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Ontology 2

the form is code and broad term, then sets of narrow terms. I made it two level for simplicity but it could be expanded

the row form is Code/Term/Etymology/Definition/Derived terms

A0 Loops and point in time/performance

A0-1 synchrony (from syn- with, together)
-   together in time (the logic of the pool) (all notes/phrases at one time - including epichronic)(synchrony,synchronic,synchronous,synchronal,synchronicity,synchronically,synchronouslysynchronally)
A0-2 diachrony (from dia- across)
-   across time (the logic of the stream) (melody within a single loop, excluding all others)(diachrony,diachronic,diachronous,diachronal,diachronicity,diachronically,diachronouslydiachronally)
A0-3 metachrony (from meta- above/after)
-   one after another in time (notes/phrases in subsequent loop in same place, excluding the epichronic, includes )(metachrony,metachronic,metachronous,metachronal,metachronicity,metachronically,metachronouslymetachronally)
A0-4 monochrony (from mono- single)
-   single point in time (note/phrase in this loop and not in others)(monochrony,monochronic,monochronous,monochronal,monochronicity,monochronically,monochronouslymonochronally)
A0-5 isochrony (from iso- same)
-   common point in time (note/phrase in this loop and (all) others(isochrony,isochronic,isochronous,isochronal,isochronicity,isochronically,isochronouslyisochronally)
A0-6 allochrony (from allo- other)
-   other places in time (referencing all other loops except this one)(allochrony,allochronic,allochronous,allochronal,allochronicity,allochronically,allochronouslyallochronally)