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Ontology 6

OK that worked ok. If people are interested in this I would be happy to expand on it further. I wanted to put together an interlingua, with terms not only from common discussion in English (which I know dominates the discussion) but also in other languages.

If people like, I can give some analyses of famous pieces or common approaches and then people can comment further.

All the terms are concerned with discussing the temporal aspects - there's lots of words that are usable for emotional and aesthetic appeal. I wanted some terms to be able to discuss the differences between Rainbow in Curved Air, Sri Camel, Persian Surgery Dervishes and In C through an artist's compositional career, or why Henry Kaiser's non-looping looping ( interacting without cyclicity) is different from Frippertronics and the add/undo/redo magic that I think I have seen Bill Walker do on youtube

Anyway, thank you for your generosity