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Re: Survey: Echoloop + LG Users: Instant Multiply?

Andy, Per, I think you are both right :)

Andy, yes the EDP/Echoloop’s Multiply (and Multi Increase) schemes are 
fantastic, very logical, and really flexible. Truly one of the many things 
that makes the EDP/Echoloop so special. I use it all the time of course - 
but in this particular case, I was really striving to minimize foot taps, 
and minimize possibility of error and distraction. One tap would be better 
than four ;)

My settings for your diagnosis are likely irrelevant (but FWIW here: Quant 
= Cycle; SwitchQuant = Loop; Copy = SndMulti, with MultiIncrease = ON) 
because Per is also right: seems what I am looking for is likely 
impossible :)

I made some admirable attempts using the LG’s programming coolness: 
sequences of Note On/Off pairs separated by small delays, invoked seconds 
or beats from switch press… but alas, these proved too volatile as they 
were highly dependent upon the moment i pressed the switch in the first 
place. Get it just so, it all worked; a nanosecond off, and the whole 
wigwam went up in flames :) Not successful in the goal of minimizing error 
and distraction ;)

So I’ve made peace with it now I guess: will continue to use LG for switch 
presses and program changes, and will revert to EDP-style spooling 
multiply/multi-increase (triggered of course by LG switch) for those needs.

- - -

There are still ways to economize tap dancing with Echoloop and LG though: 
I’ve built a THISLOOP variable, and a COUNTER variable for each loop. This 
way the LG knows which loop I am currently in, and how many times I’ve 
been at each one. So now I can use NextLoop to trigger stuff like: “If 
this is loop 2, and this is my first visit to loop 2, change to preset 4.” 
One switch, no tap dancing, no squinting at the computer screen :)

Thanks all !

Phil :)

On Jan 1, 2015, at 9:55 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> On 01/01/2015 11:49, Per Boysen wrote:
>> I doubt it will be possible
> I use it all the time.
> Hit Nextloop ...EDP waits
> Hit Mult (no. of cycles+1) times.
> EDP multiplys by (no. of cycles) in new loop.
>> because in the EDP and Echoloop Multiply
>> is a real-time process; you really have to let the playback roll all
>> the way... and a real-time process can not be made "instant" with
>> nifty LG control scripting.
> indeed, it's not the 'instant multiply' as available elsewhere,
> ...but I don't think that matters.
> The loop length is defined in advance, without having to wait.
> In practice the only difference is that any input will be overdubbed for 
> the length
> of the new loop.
> The 'Insert' idea won't help, I'm afraid,
> it's no more "instant" than Mult.
> (You must be thinking of Stutter Mode here, so
> it's not quite as insane an idea as I first thought.)
> ;-)
> andy
>> Greetings from Sweden
>> Per Boysen
>> www.perboysen.com
>> http://www.youtube.com/perboysen
>> On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 11:56 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Phil,
>>> On the EDP I just hit Multiply as quick as possible,
>>> and it works fine.
>>> So there exists the possibility that this is an Echoloop bug.
>>> ...but really I need your Echoloop settings to know whats going on.
>>> I suspect that adjustment of the SamplerStyle parameter will help.
>>> or Quantise?
>>> If not, it's possible to delay the LG by a fixed number of midi-beats.
>>> Lets not go there just yet.
>>> andy
>>> On 01/01/2015 09:07, Phil Clevenger wrote:
>>>> Okay all you Echoloop & Little Giant people…
>>>> I’ve spent two days on this problem and now I must come to you :)
>>>> *Goal: To create a command on the LG that will result in effectively 
>>>> an
>>>> “Instant Multiply” like we see on the LP1 or in Mobius. “Go to next 
>>>> loop,
>>>> copy and multiply x 4.” Or: “Go to Loop 3 and multiply x 3 cycles.” 
>>>> That
>>>> kind of thing.*
>>>> For the Echoloop, it’s harder that it seems like it ought to be:
>>>> The problem is, Echoloop/EDP uses “Multi-Increase” to accomplish such
>>>> stuff - and that’s great, but it’s also a hassle. If I want x4, that’s
>>>> *four* tap dance steps. I want to do this in one :)
>>>> On the LG, I can execute Next Loop, or Go To Loop, and with SndMulti
>>>> active in the Echoloop, I’ll be in Multiply mode right away. Now, to 
>>>> emulate
>>>> the 4 note ons and note offs that four presses of Multiply would 
>>>> make, I can
>>>> program them into the same LG switch press… but the problem is, it’s 
>>>> very
>>>> important *when* those commands execute: they must execute *after* the
>>>> rounding period after I press the “Next Loop” switch, when we have 
>>>> arrived
>>>> in Multiply mode. Delaying messages by absolute times is supported by 
>>>> LG,
>>>> but that is useless as I will not always be reliably at the same 
>>>> tempo;
>>>> delaying by beats in the LG is useless too, as I cannot use the LG as 
>>>> my
>>>> clock, nor will I always know how many beats are required.
>>>> /The LG simply has no awareness of Echoloop states… /
>>>> So… anyone know how to make an Instant Multiply using these tools?
>>>> And yes - that’s how I’ve spent New Years Eve and the days leading up 
>>>> to
>>>> it :D
>>>> Thanks all -
>>>> Phil :)