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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller


I am shocked that I missed all those messages the past days and that I 
explained things so badly and that there may remain issues to the Echoloop.
I read most of the posts but some are confusing to me 
also, under the same subject, we discuss about 5 distinct problems. so we 
should rename 
(and ideally more to some more specific place like a forum...)

but since the subject is hot and I have to leave soon, I just try to 
explain quickly what came to me:

• Control
the standard is that the VST effect offers Parameters to the host and the 
host receives MIDI and somehow links the MIDI commands to the parameters.
And: the VSTi instruments have a MIDI input for playing the synth (instead 
of audio in)
now we can blend the two and thats what I did for the Echoloop and 
confuses you:
you can 
-- interpret MIDI in the host and assing any parameter to any MIDI command 
        (except that Live does only accept CC and needs the GUI for MIDI 
-- route MIDI to the plugin (a wire in Bidule and a strange channel 
process in Live)
        and you get the same result as in the HW EDP - thats why I added 
this option
So: if you choose the first option, the plugs MIDI parameters like BtnCh 
have no effect

• Sync
similar to control, there is the good old MIDI way and the VST standard 
and you can use either.
-- MIDI is slower and less acurate because it does not transmit BPM, just 
        so its only useful if you are connecting to a HW MIDI unit in a 
simple way
-- Host sync is standard only from Host to Plug, but Bidule allows from 
Plug to Host!
        so usually the host is the master and the plugs slave, but in 
Bidule, the host does not have a timing and you can assign any bidule to 
be host or slave and the most amazing is that if you set several to slave 
it even can simulate the BrotherSync situation where the first that sends 
a timing turns into the master and if it stops sending, it can become 

• Set Presets by MIDI
yes, that should work in case you route MIDI directly to the plugin. I 
just tested quickly in Bidule and it happens, with the problem though, 
that the preset name does not change, only the settings.
if you use the standard Parameter control, I agree with Andy that the Host 
should also be able to do this, but I do not know where this assignment 
would happen...

• Default Presets
the preset names are a joke so far. I asked the masters to send me some 
realy typical preset and only Per did it and i did not even build his in, 
but please, if you have a preset that you consider helpful for others, 
send it to me and I put it in as a default (with your name or any other 
you like)